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CMOs, Are You Brave Enough to Go Agile?

More and more buzz is building over the prospect of applying agile to marketing. Michael LeBeau makes a case for doing so effectively in an article for Forbes. It will require the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to embrace the agile methodology as wholeheartedly as seen in IT.

The Market for Agile

Agile implies faster and more efficient, but as LeBeau points out, these things are achieved by odd means. Middle managers gain greater power as hierarchies shrink, and an ability to quickly analyze and react to consumer behavior dictates where resources are invested. As a result, marketers need to get intimate with the notion of planning disruption, that what seems like the way forward today could actually be something else tomorrow.

About why the current method of marketing is no long reliable by comparison, LeBeau writes:

Agile marketing leaves traditional planning practices in the dust. Today’s always-on consumers mean the familiar 12- to 18-month campaign planning cycle is a thing of the past. The traditional model was okay back when companies could still afford to make big gambles and be wrong once in a while. But they no longer have the budgets — or timelines — to make investments in concepts that don’t work. The traditional model had as its cornerstone the focus group. The unspoken truth of focus groups, however, is that their social dynamics and biases delivered too many false positives.

LeBeau lumps lean into the mix with agile as both being the wave of the future. Agile makes the fullest use of marketing’s potential in three ways. It generates high-quality work in the shortest amount of time, it creates new efficiencies with leaner creative brand management teams, and it improves quality of client output.

This explains the “why” of agile pretty well, but he evidently leaves the “how” up to you. Good luck moving forward. You can view the original article here:

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