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A Day in the Scrum Life

Properly applied, agile and scrum are the bee’s knees for improving business. If it works out that well at work, why not try applying them elsewhere? In an article for Scrum Alliance, scrum master Ronald Breese describes how he has incorporated scrum into his life.

A Scrummy Time

The big example Breese shares is that of having to replace half a bathroom:

The first thing I did was prepare a bathroom backlog, consisting of an epic encompassing the complete project. I followed the Agile framework and broke the epic down into manageable vertical slices, which provided stakeholder value. I refined stories, added tasks and hours, and prioritized them in the sprint backlog. Once the sprint backlog was set and the work started, I looked for any obstacles that didn’t already exist, which I believe is a key factor to becoming an effective ScrumMaster. Always be on the lookout for obstacles before they take shape and become real.

A retrospective with his family occurred afterward, of course.

Another thing Breese has come to grasp is that a group of people who have to work together is not instantly a “team.” People only really become a team over time, when they understand each other and have developed a team culture of sorts. At the full article, Breese goes on to discuss pretty passionately what he finds most valuable in scrum and its application, which you can view here:

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