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Effective Metrics Are Critical for DevOps and Agile Success

Most are willing to acknowledge that, for as useful as agile is, many of the old metrics do not work for measuring its success on projects and initiatives. Some point to the vastly increased human element as a replacement for rigorous metrics, but is that enough? In a post for Forrester, Robert Stroud shares some tips for building strong, agile-oriented metrics:

  • Delivery cycle metrics provide real-time insights into progress and quality.
  • Automated testing drives continuous visibility in release readiness.
  • Post-production customer experience and user metrics are critical.
  • Metrics must evolve over time.
  • Dashboards are pivotal to success.

The Points to Remember

Capital One, Target, and KeyBank have gotten into the DevOps game, among others, and tactful metrics make it easier to manage. Real-time metrics play a big part in it. Automated testing factors equally into it though:

Automated testing is critical to assure that code is fit for purpose and use. Automated testing including static code analysis, functional testing, load and performance testing and user accepting testing. Additionally automated testing can be used to simulate attacks or replay previous intrusion events and validate compliance to… ensure that developers have not made changes that introduced new vulnerabilities or reintroduced old ones. This process makes it easier both to ensure that the release version of a deliverable is error free, as well as to have a granular view of where things may have gone wrong.

As the nature of agile and DevOps in your specific business context becomes clearer, you can tweak metric focus and reporting. For instance, the CEO should be seeing metrics regarding the health of business services, whereas the CIO should be seeing metrics that touch upon hard productivity. They both want the bottom line, but they have different ideas of what the bottom line is.

For additional elaboration, you can view the original post here:

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