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Review Your Sprint Review

The sprint review is for collecting feedback on deliverables and deciding together how to proceed from there. If you try to abuse the review’s function to extend to other needs, problems will likely result. In an article for Scrum Alliance, Manjunatha Gopalakrishna shares some pointers to keep your sprint fulfilling its proper purpose.

Checking for Pot Holes

The first thing he recommends is to prepare throughout the sprint:

Have the PO on board regularly to ensure that the sprint goal/objective the team set out to achieve is negotiated and aligned with the PO’s expectation. This might mean frequent demos to the PO or even proactive videos, which detail the work done (this can be done and viewed offline if the PO and team time zones don’t overlap). These videos will help with documentation as well.

It may even help to record the meeting itself, which Gopalakrishna finds to be a straightforward alternative to recording minutes. It will certainly be of benefit to individuals who cannot attend. Speaking of which, who should be attending the reviews is another aspect for you to reassess. It is on the product owner to find pertinent stakeholders, users, and customer support personnel according to the backlog deliverables. But the scrum master should also ensure dependent teams and individuals take part.

The team, one way or another, should probably be the ones doing the demo, as opposed to the scrum master. The team should present new features in terms of the business value that they will yield, as opposed to merely being, “Okay, uh, I added that extra tab you wanted.” For an extra hint of jolliness, Gopalakrishna recommends giving the team a round of applause afterward for their hard work.

And of course, do not let a review end without being confident of what the goals for the next sprint should be. Otherwise, you are defeating the purpose. For a couple more tips, you can view the original article here:

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