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7 Actions State Government IT Leaders Must Take

The government dares to dream of a day when it is hailed for its efficiency. That day is far, far off, perhaps in a quintuple-digit year, but nevertheless! In an article for StateTech, Juliet Van Wagenen shares seven actions government IT leaders can take to make for more effective agile implementations:

  1. Get CIOs to fight for agile development.
  2. Focus on building a more agile culture.
  3. Engage businesses in IT transformation.
  4. Design digital government with users in mind.
  5. Involve budgeting and procurement.
  6. Emphasize cost savings to win over authorizing agencies.
  7. Train all employees on agile systems and methods.


Just like in business, if the state wants agile to succeed and be accepted, the CIO has to champion it in a big way. CIOs must also offer good education to others on what agile is, and dismantle silos so that teams are ready to work in the collaborative way that agile demands. IT transformation will probably be happening simultaneously, since a more collaborative, deeply embedded IT function has become another demand for success.

About the point of emphasizing cost savings, Van Wagenen offers this:

It’s important to get authorizing agencies on board, and emphasizing cost savings and increased transparency can help to do this. The majority (65 percent) of CIOs surveyed for [a report by the National Association of State CIOs] said agile offers them greater transparency into IT projects.

“If properly structured, an agile project can incentivize vendors to finish early for less cost — a key selling point to authorizing agencies. They must also emphasize how agile provides greater control over spending,” the report states.

For further explanation on these points, you can view the original article here:

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