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10 Agile Learnings from the Beatles to the Project Managers

When John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed the English rock band, The Beatles, in 1960, their ultimate objective was to experiment with several music styles. From pop ballads to Indian music and hard rock, the band is still known for incorporating classical elements and unconventional recording techniques in many innovative ways.

While listening to the mesmerizing tracks like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “A Day in the Life”, who could have thought of relating it with agile learnings? Well, in this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn brings out some interesting agile learnings out of 10 hypnotic Beatles tracks.

Let the Countdown Begin

Staring from top to bottom, here is 10 agile learning for project managers from the all-time hit tracks of The Beatles:

  1. The songGetting Betteraims to encourage agile teams to introduce innovative solutions to the projects. To always remain open to learning and make it “a little better all the time”.
  2. The lyrics of the song “Can’t buy me love” explains that agile teams cannot buy customers without making any added effort. Clients love top-notch products, and to get that, they must develop high-quality software products.
  3. “With a little help from my friends” defines how agile teams can seek help from other teams to resolve complex issues.
  4. This soulful track explains ways to learn what end users would like in the product by pushing the boundaries and going out in the field to study “A day in the life” of the users to deliver better outcomes.
  5. Lyrics of “I am the Walrus” suggests that product developers and agile teams use their own products to understand end user pain points.
  6. Clearly, this song is to motivate agile teams and stakeholders. To resolve any problem if the teams and managers work together, “we can work it out”.
  7. This song suggests “Tomorrow Never Knowswhat the market scenario would be, so design products to meet the current demands made by customers.
  8. Teams should tune into “Come Together” to revive team spirit. It encourages teams, product managers, and stakeholders to make the best product that gives customers their value for money.
  9. “Don’t Let Me Down” song defines how focus is essential for agile teams to deliver value to the project and customers.
  10. The lyrics of “Eight Days a Week” song stresses on ‘overtime in love’. While making a successful project or product, both project or product managers need to step in for occasional overtime and fulfill the work requirements to bring out the best.

Surely, songs are made for entertainment, but if people relate them with work, it may bring out more productive tips. The author believes, The Beatles would have developed some amazing products with their agile teams. Read the original article on the below mentioned link:

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