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3 Agile Estimation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do

A whole day would go by if a debate crops up where the central words are “agile” and “estimate”. Agile teams know that their projects run in iterations where estimate is a major point of conflict among stakeholders. In this article at Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., Johanna Rothman discusses the three estimation mistakes that majority of the companies think are good for their projects.

You’re Doing It All Wrong

  1. You think that one expert is enough to create agile project stories. It is probably the best idea when the project is for a shorter duration. However, if the expert is unavailable, nobody else knows how to play the role. In the majority of cases, experts alone cannot complete stories by setting up their own estimates and excluding their team’s contribution. So, ask your team to sit together and analyze all the possibilities by including everyone’s story in it.
  2. You cannot estimate right at the beginning of the project. There is bound to be deviations due to internal or external factors that are beyond your control. It is a common mistake made during the initiation phase where you take it for granted that clients do not require any more innovations in the product or services other than what was originally planned. Focus on smaller deliverables to confirm with clients that you are on the right track. This avoids major rollback at the end of a long iteration period.
  3. Agile iterations are relatively faster. However, before setting a deadline for the whole project, ask your management what result they want to see at the end of each iteration. Instead of focusing on speed, confirm if you need to focus on completing any part of the project faster than the others. This would help you successfully deliver what exactly is expected from your team.

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