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How to Make Your Agile Team Work Like One Unit

Instead of meeting your developers and testers separately, invite your entire agile team to all your upcoming meetings. This would prevent group mentality and discourage playing the blame game. They would eventually take ownership of team objectives and make room for efficiency to achieve common goals. Mike Cohn, in this article at the Mountain Goat Software, narrates how encouraging all your agile team members to participate in meetings make them think like a single unit.

5 Tips to Make Unite Your Team Members

  1. Your team members should identify themselves with the team first rather than teaming up with same skilled people from other teams.
  2. Do not create any rules that are applicable to only a set of people in the team, like only developers can come for the morning meetings. This mentally divides the team.
  3. Though product owners need not understand your day-to-day activities in detail, they also are a part of the team and should be included in the meetings.
  4. Though your product owner is someone with whom everyone in your team has a problem, excluding a member because of internal issues, personality clash, or role only raises animosity. Address these issues instead of avoiding them.
  5. Making a team think like one does not mean everyone should know how to do the other’s job. Rather than washing one’s hands off after completing individual task, the team members should focus more on coordinating regularly to reach common goals faster.

The author further adds that having meetings together also means everyone knows where the project is heading. From ScrumMaster to product owner, nobody needs to hide as all would enjoy the project’s success in the long run. Instead, they are encouraged to put their two cents, wherever needed.

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