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Personalize Your Agile Processes Effectively

Agile encompasses a lot of other software development methods, like Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc. Usually, agile developments are divided into sprints, and product owners or managers create user stories for the developers and testing teams to follow. Additionally, agile methodology also gives space to be creative and allows alteration as needed. As the ability to be innovative, influential, and spontaneous make for efficient teams and better products, you must create a set of agile practices that best align with your enterprise goals. In this article at TechBeacon, Amy Reichert shares 3 tips with you to help align agile with your goals.

3 Tips to Align Agile with Your Goals

  1. Personalize your agile processes. Consider first the methodology your team thinks suits their purpose the most. If your team prefers deadline then a relaxed Kanban methodology might lessen their productivity. Scrum, however, needs your team to hold regular stand-up meetings. If your team has a self-governing mentality, probably this would not turn useful for them. So, use the methodologies keeping in mind your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Utilize the innovative vision that your organization cherishes to easily identify the processes that you require changing.
  2. Set up a communication channel for your agile team to realign them if they lose their way in between processes and iterations. This usually occurs when resources change, or the team is still in the formative phase of the agile life cycle. Make sure they have clear direction with a clear vision. If your vision changes, go ahead and reevaluate your agile processes.
  3. Sometimes, it is necessary to follow old agile processes as they provide success for long-term projects. Documenting design specifications and creating manual test cases close the gap in the processes that could lead to project failure.

You must remember that agile is meant to be flexible to give you room for creativity. This is how you grow and, eventually, help the company grow.

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