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Trends a Distributed Agile Leader Should Know

With the expansion of MNC’s worldwide, distributed teams are common today. These teams can perform well if the distance does not hinder their capabilities. John Okoro with his co-authors have created a six-part framework on distributed agile. In this article at InfoQ, the author discusses the sixth part of his framework—leadership—with you.

Know Your Ropes Well

It takes a good leader to make a successful distributed agile team. The author believes that each leader has a different ball game to achieve success. So, rather than restricting any style, he wants to assist all the leaders by discussing useful tools. Nowadays, leaders are distributing management responsibilities among team members to let encourage ownership and self-management. This sort of “design-centric leaderships” believe in “Teal” or passive management in decision-making.

The modern agile leadership is based on Lean and the Agile Manifesto. It is effective even for distributed agile teams not involved in software development. The author has laid out seven leadership questions relevant to run a distributed agile team effectively.

Okoro then discusses about the virtues you as a leader should inculcate. You must allow people to make their own decisions. Instead of controlling every move, inculcate in them a sense of making the right choices. Discuss your vision and strategy to keep transparency throughout all locations. Always appreciate jobs well done to motivate others in the team. Provide an environment where the teams can grow and align themselves with the company goals.

To maintain a good balance between leadership and team structure, Okoro jots down six practices. Let your team know your vision and the direction you want to take from the very beginning. Distribute funds to your teams so that they do not have to wait for your approvals every time. Have dedicated product owners to best derive value from your team.

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