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Agile Transformation: See Failure as an Opportunity

Often organizations choose to adopt agile transformation in a bid to offer something new to the intended consumers. However, accepting the risk of failure before success that comes with the change, is not so easy for an organization.

In this article at, Johanna Rothman shares example of a client who wanted to take up agile transformation to develop a new product, but with a guarantee of progressing as per the plans and achieving success in every step.

Learn to Fail

Agile does not guarantee success, but it helps in changing the pattern of work that was not bringing any positive outcomes. The author suggests that the team and project managers need to experiment with new ideas and techniques to ensure their project progresses in the right direction.

The agile transformation gets stuck when the managers stop changing their methodologies knowing the fact that their existing strategy does not work in the favor of the project. Changing project portfolio frequently is the biggest issue in this situation for the project managers.

Failure encourages to experiment a different way that might turn productive. Getting stuck with a mindset that ‘failure is not an option’ will restrict us from trying multiple other ways of solving a problem.

The best way to combat the fear of failure is to consider it as ‘early learning’. Project failure leaves important lessons for the next project.

Be Open to Experiment

The implementation of agile approach will prove beneficial for the project process. Consider failure as an option to manage risk and achieve the desired outcomes from the project.

Agile transformation demands new work and every new work guarantees that things won’t move in the planned direction. Being prepared to encounter problems while discovering ways to recover from losses will help the team outshine.

Trying different ways to deal with a situation will give the team multiple options to experiment and something will surely work in the progressive direction. It is just a combination of actions that ensures success in the end.

The author believes that assessing progress, system, and culture will enable the project managers and their teams to invent a guaranteed action plan that will drive agile transformation. This way, failure will turn into a stepping stone to success. To learn more from the original article, click on the following link:


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