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The Cost Your Agile Team Pays for Dishonesty

Lying about your skills can cost your agile team and you some severe damage. Not only can it break the trust you slowly build up over time, it costs money. In this article at DZone, John Vester talks about the cost your agile team pays for dishonesty.

When Agile Teams Roll Downhill

The author narrated a recent incident in the form of a fictional story. A remote teammate lied about his skills to the agile team. His over-the-top commitment led the teammates to check his codes. They discovered that his codes were incomplete, and the quality was far from the expected delivery quality. When they wanted to get in touch with him, he would come up with excuses. If he ever got in a call, he would be unable to let out any details due to apparent connection failures. The agile team luckily had a plan B which they implemented to make up for the lost time. They canceled the contract of the remote worker eventually.

What Is the Cost of Dishonesty for Your Agile Team?

The above scenario is not uncommon in an agile team. The author lists the cost the team member’s dishonesty incurred on his company:

  1. The company was billed for labor costs that amounted to nothing.
  2. Team members spent time and resources to prepare a plan B.
  3. Unnecessary stress was added to the work as they had to cover up for the lost time and resources.
  4. The team was unsure about meeting the delivery goal since one of the team talents did not pull the required weight.
  5. The company lost the trust of its client.

Lying can give you short-term achievements. However, in the long run, your teammates will stop relying on you. Also, your reputation is hard to resurrect now. So, be honest with your teammates about the challenges you are facing. This will help the agile team to come up with a better plan B. You will have all heads working together for the solution well ahead of the deadline.

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