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What These Agile Professionals Think About the Future Operations?

Agile has been around for quite some time now. With the recent leanings on digital transformation, agile teams seem to be the center of all the digitization activities. CA Technologies recently hosted its 4th yearly CA Agile Operations Summit at Ditton Park, UK. The professionals talked about how these new technologies can be integrated into the daily agile operations. Courtney Glymph shares the high points of the agile summit in this article at CA Technologies.

Agile Predictions

Technology is changing every day and so is the customer demand and politics. The new technologies are going to impact the way companies work now. To stay relevant, professionals must own up the innovation. So, CA leaders Ashok Reddy, Kaj Wierda, and Ali Siddiqui channelized the talks regarding the future of the approach. Nearly 100 professionals shared their views. Below are the high points:

  1. Influence of AI, ML, and Automation: AI is driving significant business transformation and will influence the operations too. Reddy suggests that AI and ML should be used to harness automation. Since data is readily available to companies now, they must know how to translate that for the benefit of the operations.
  2. Business Automation: Automation has the tenacity to change the business landscape. The self-driving cars improved its automation incrementally. In the same way, the organization can start automating small processes. It can be used incrementally for complex processes. With the help of ML and AI, the robots can learn how to deal with complicated business operations.
  3. Meeting Customer Expectations: Companies expect more from their teams since customer demands are getting higher. To meet the rising expectations, you must employ the right tools. The summit highlighted two case studies that pointed to in-house solutions that can increase DevOps operational abilities.

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