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9 Jaw-Dropping Statistics of Agile Adoption

The majority of the organizations have favored agile adoption for project management. Some are still skeptical about its usefulness though. In this article at Targetprocess, Max Steinmetz reveals 9 jaw-dropping statistics of agile adoption in the recent years.

Agile Adoption: Good or Bad?

Research firms interviewed several project managers and top executives in the past three years. Their surveys reveal that there has been an increase in agile adoption and integration in the organizations worldwide. You might not want to follow the trend, but the following statistics are enough to drop your jaw:

  1. Agile Usage: 46% of companies used agile or its hybrid variance within a year, as per PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2018. Waterfall and other traditional methodologies still hold the market by 47%.
  2. Visibility: Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools showcases that 76% opted for agile tools to gain better clarity.
  3. Increase in Federal Agile IT Projects: 80% of federal IT projects have undergone agile adoption in 2017, as per Deloitte Insights’ Agile by Numbers report. Since the project owners are reporting agile usage on their own volition, the report might be inaccurate. Nevertheless, 10% of federal IT projects are marked as ‘agile’ or ‘iterative,’ an impressive increase from the 2011 statistics.
  4. Insights from Software Developers: As per Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey Results, 85.9% of software developers use agile methodology.
  5. Marketing Strategy: 37% of marketers have reported using agile for their strategies, says Agile Sherpas’ State of Agile Marketing 2018. 61% of traditional marketers are also planning for agile adoption soon.
  6. Making the Organization Agile: Forbes Insights’ 2017 Achieving Greater Agility reports that 92% of top executives favor agile adoption. While 82% think agile is necessary for new strategies, 84% opine that ‘organizational agility’ is required for digital transformation. 27% think they are agile enough in their processes.
  7. Agile Mindset: 16% of companies claim in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s 2017 Agile is the New Normal report that they are agile. 51% of respondents assure they are going for agile adoption shortly.
  8. Challenges: Western Michigan University’s 2017 report conveys companies fail in agile adoption due to some challenges. Resources handling several projects simultaneously, missing company objectives, and vague project scope are the main challenges. 29.4% reported it is extremely difficult when team members are working on other projects while 5.3% say otherwise.
  9. Project Completion: PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2018 reveals that the majority of leading organizations have used agile or hybrid approaches.

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