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What Agile Leaders Can Learn from Sports Team Captains?

Sports team captains have some common qualities that can be beneficial for agile leaders. Sam Walker found out that the most successful teams had one thing in common—great team captains. In this article at, Ron Eringa discusses the 6 qualities that agile leaders should learn from successful sports captains.

Must-Have Qualities for Agile Leaders

Walker has found similarities between the traits needed in agile leaders and sports team captains. Following are the 6 qualities that he talked about in his book:

  1. The Good Can Be Greater: When the team is struggling, the Scrum Master can work alongside the team to get them up to speed.
  2. Agile Leaders Allowing Scrum Masters to Manage: Scrum Masters usually focus on day-to-day tasks and the rest are taken care of by agile leaders. Scrum Masters can lead without friction, but the leaders must know how much they can pull off.
  3. Servant Leadership of Scrum Masters: Scrum Masters are usually excellent in their technical know-how. However, that does not make them an excellent leader. To drive a team, they instead should be empathizing, curious to learn, and motivated to provide quality delivery. Along with this, they can help the team members to improve their technical skills.
  4. Agile Leaders and Servant Leadership: Like the coaches in the sports team, leaders too must coordinate closely with the Scrum Masters. They must give them room to lead the team when the resources are on the floor.
  5. Continuous Learning: Leaders must allow the team to fail so that the team members can learn and improve their performance. The way coaches struggled to find a firm footing in the sports world, the agile leaders too must persevere to learn. They should inspire the team to learn without being affected by failures.
  6. Differences of Opinions: Scrum Masters must consider all opinions and all heads to work out a solution rather than them dictating instructions. They must ensure that people feel it safe to disagree and put across their ideas that they think are better.

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