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Dear HR, Embrace the Reality Before Turning Agile

To survive the current business landscape, the agile transformation is crucial. Else, be ready to get bogged down with the process. Most organizations prefer their human resource (HR) teams to take responsibility for agile transformation.

In this article at Personnel Today, David Perring explains that before strategizing for agile transformation, the HR departments must get a ground reality of globally agile HR teams.

Agility: The Perennial Frontrunner

To survive and thrive in the modern economy, organizations need to showcase their ability to adapt and respond rapidly to the changes. Depending on the organizational size and phase, HRs need to form and adopt bold internal policies first, and then strategize a new approach to paradigm shifts. Here are some other facts for the HRs to be aware of:

  1. Digital Agility: In the relentless chase of ongoing trends, even HRs are feeling the pressure of fast transformation. The key to address agility turns out to digital transformation (DX). However, by 2020, successful delivery of agile transformation is creeping up the HR agenda. Therefore, the HRs need to remain ‘digitally agile-ready’ to transform the whole organization.
  2. Drop Down Conventional: Agile adoption is not the biggest challenge for the HRs across the globe. But, the conventional tools and approaches are the biggest drawback. Partly, most of the European firms are still following the incredibly fragmented conventional HR systems.
  3. Personalization is the Hallmark: Wider business data is the only way for the HR teams to showcase their progress. However, the challenge remains data analytics and HR’s ability to create hyper-personalized experiences. In fact, artificial intelligence (AI) imposes a major threat to the existence of an HR department in the near future.
  4. The Next Revolution: Detail of each individual hired by the HRs in the organization, the teams they are operating in, their outputs and deliverables, etc., are essential records. This may also highlight an underlying shift in data usage by the HR or organization.
  5. People Before Leaders: Clearly, it is neither the process of digitization nor the data that matters. It is the shift in thinking to prioritize people over leaders that will make HRs agile, as the main principle is ‘change in mindset’. To become agile, adopt the agile mindset first.

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