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How to Implement SAFe Effectively: 6 Beneficial Tips

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can make your employees happier and more engaged while delivering your clients timely delivery. It is a dream every company wants to achieve. In this article at Targetprocess, Kelsie Anderson discusses 6 beneficial tips to implement SAFe effectively.

Implementing SAFe the Safe Way:

SAFe uses Lean-Agile principles that allow you to develop complex products in a short time span. Following are the 6 beneficial tips:

Introducing Lean-Agile Before Implementation: For a smooth SAFe implementation, cultivate a Lean-Agile culture first. Introduce DevOps best practices in the team culture. Know the metrics that can enable you to measure team success. Ensure the teammates coordinate seamlessly with each other. If not, gradually make the team divide the work into small parts instead of working in bulk. Help employees find a motivation to deliver efficient products and start practicing shared responsibility for better engagement. Run a survey to understand how mature Agile is in your organization for SAFe implementation.

Ready or Not Ready, That Is the Question: Bear in mind that SAFe implementation throughout the organization is a tough job. You must know if your organization is agile enough for SAFe to work in your favor. Analyze the pros and cons as regards time, budget, and mental makeup. As per Net Objectives CEO Al Shalloway, know what challenges you look forward to solving with SAFe. Understand the portions of the principles you want to use to achieve the solution.

Change Is Never Easy: Be prepared to face resistance. It is common for employees to resist change once they get used to a certain way of working. Hear their concerns and provide a solution or constructive feedback whenever necessary. Let them settle in and keep your doors open for any queries.

Explaining Fair and Clear: To implement any process, methodology, or policy successfully, you must explain the benefits in details. The fear of the unknown holds most of them back. As Agile is a people-centric process, involve your employees and explain how SAFe can enhance their productivity. Help them find out where they can leverage the principles.

The Role Model Trick: The best way to engage the employees is by using the principles yourself. Pitch the idea using your own case study. You can hire consultancies to help them out with the in-depth knowledge. However, employees might dismiss the idea if none of the internal teams have implemented it. Gather some change leaders to be the role models and inspire your workforce to follow suit.

Mistakes Can Happen: If it is a company-wide approach, you might make some mistakes and that is okay. Make it a point to learn from them and not repeat those next time. Modify the approaches as per your company needs. Allow the employees to fall and stand back on their feet and assure them that you are there in every step of the way.

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