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If Your Company Is Agile, It Should Fulfill These 3 Conditions

Though Agile has been around for quite a while now, companies still face problem implementing all its principles. So, how you do know your company is handling the methodology well? In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn discusses three conditions that a company should fulfill to become agile.

The Agile Company

Agile is scalable and people-oriented, so companies adjust it as per their projects or organizational goals. However, you can still stick to some rigid rules unconsciously that is stopping your company from becoming fully agile. To understand the state of your organization, find out if it is fulfilling the following conditions:

The Functionality Condition: The top condition is functionality. The frequency at which your team is delivering the products and meeting the consumer expectation is an important factor. It changes based on what your consumers want. Consumers like to get updates for existing products but will get frustrated if you launch two new iPhones within months.

The Commitment Condition: What is your team’s reaction when it overshoots a deadline? Do they resist using the methodology because they think it will further delay their process? If your company has an agile mindset, the team members will take this up as a challenge rather than a hindrance.

The Management Condition: Though it is debatable if the Scrum Master role should be a full-time job, a good one enables success. An efficient Scrum Master can handle as many as 20 projects at a time. You cannot simply assign project managers as Scrum Masters without prior knowledge in the methodology. A product owner too must devote man-hours to the role rather than considering it as a side job. Your product owner must be available not only during the planning and review meetings but also for all the iterations.

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