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Want to Improve Programming Skills? Consult These 14 Blogs

Developers must continuously improve their programming skills. There are numerous online blogs, but which are the best? In this DZone article, Arnab Roy discusses 14 blogs to help improve your programming skills.

Blogs to Improve Your Programming Skills

There are many options out there but only the best ones help. Following are the 14 blogs that will improve your programming skills:

Stack Overflow:

Irrespective of which programming language you have issues in, you can always seek help in Stack Overflow’s open forum.


If you want to learn a new language or upgrade the existing programming skills, Tutorialspoint can help you out. This popular website deals with a wide range of topics like C, C++, Java, web technologies, etc.

The Mozilla Blog:

Since it is the office Mozilla blog, you get any news updates that relate to the world wide web. You can also seek help in JavaScript and JS based frameworks.


Web developers are ready to help in CodePen regarding ideation and test case formation. Its articles are about the latest web technologies and tips to help you code better.

The Crazy Programmer:

The Crazy Programmer posts 2 blogs in a week that can help you learn to code. It has a rich repository that covers the basics of Android, C, PHP, SQL, etc.


SitePoint is the brainchild of experienced web developers. You can find tutorials and books related to HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, PHP, and JavaScript.


With 10 blogs posts per week, CSS-Tricks is well-known among web developers. From basic to advanced-level tutorials to tricks, this reliable website improves your CSS programming skills quickly.

Boxes and Arrows:

Christina Wodtke founded Boxes and Arrows in 2001 to promote developers that displayed exceptional graphic designing and information architecture. You can also find articles in interaction and business design.

A List Apart:

From web development and design to best practices, A List Apart has been collecting information since its foundation in 1998. Though the website content has copyrights, you are free to use the codes shared in the forum. It is also a good platform to showcase your programming talent.

Software Testing Tricks:

Software Testing Tricks is the right blog to test new things. Manual and automation testing, testing on a cloud platform, online tutorials, interviews, e-books, etc. are available for your perusal.

Google’s Testing Blog:

This is the official Google testing blog that offers best practices and the latest information about testing. The Testing Blog has a new post per month.

Sticky Minds:

Testers can swear by Sticky Minds, an initiative started jointly with Techwell Online communities. You can read articles or post questions regarding testing here.


Randy Bias posts blogs on DevOps, open source, cloud market, cloud computing disruption. Cloudscaling is the best place to understand the disruption in cloud computing.

Started in 2013, the aim of is to help you connect, develop, and build IoT devices that can help in making the environment better.

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