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How Tangible Is Agile in Improving Customer Experience?

IT industry has been using the agile methodology for decades. Gradually, other industries and functions are also taking up this practice to deliver better customer experience. This implies that the organizations need to innovate and improve their services to satisfy customer expectations.

In this article at Customer Think, Amanda Forshew raises concerns over how organizations are adopting a quick-fix approach to ensure better customer experience. The idea behind agile customer experience is to develop small changes in the services offered to them, considering its impact in the long run.

Tangible Benefits

To gain speed in agile customer experience, the organizations must fix their focus on the tangible benefits. Taking constant customer feedback, analyzing and quickly sharing it with the team is the best way to achieve desired outcomes. Initiating cross-department teamwork and accountability may equally help in building a strong knowledge hub.

Agile Experience

Further, transforming customer experience is not as difficult as it seems. The author suggests five effective ways to develop agile customer experience:

  1. Instead of measuring only the customer feedback, establishing a more holistic action plan to change the customer’s viewpoint will be a smart move.
  2. Establish a forum to address and filter the customer feedback while sharing the team’s opinion to make a quick but practical decision.
  3. Be equipped with an ongoing stream of customer data and information to trade-off significant decisions. This will save the organization from quick-fix and offer much improved and innovative customer experience.
  4. Agility relies on constant improvement. So, planning adaptable initiatives to ensure short-term but much improved customer experience may also make a huge difference.
  5. It is essential to execute the improvement initiatives with a simple, quick and focused approach. Testing and piloting good ideas may not work in every situation, but if constantly executed, it will bring better outcomes.

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