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Identifying Strategic Agile Leaders: 4 Defining Traits

You might think that there is hardly any difference between strategic agile leaders and the typical ones. Surprisingly, there are distinguishing characteristics that define the former type. In this CMOE article, Steven Stowell talks about the 4 traits by which you can identify the strategic agile leaders.

How Different Are Strategic Agile Leaders?

You can be a good leader, but you must have the vision to be counted as one of the strategic agile leaders. While it is important to help team complete deliverables, it is not the only job you have. You must understand the business to figure out the opportunities. Dedicate your hours to understanding and find ways to improve organizational efforts for the long term. While good leaders are masters of one, strategic agile leaders want to have an in-depth knowledge in all spheres. Following the defining traits of the strategic influencers:

Inquisitive: Strategic agile leaders are naturally inquisitive. They strive to learn something new daily and are not shy to reach out to gain a better understanding.

Inventive: They are quite imaginative. They might always not come up with brilliant concepts, but they strive to improve the current. The strategic agile leaders are always open to new ideas. Their goals are to make their organization more profitable, efficient, and customer-centric.

Passionate: They are not afraid to take the plunge when the time is ripe. Though these leaders can be fearless risk takers, they are not reckless. They collect the necessary data, analyze them, and seek advice from other influential executives. They do not fear failure or need popular support to go ahead.

Strategically Proactive: The strategic leaders are highly proactive once they decide to execute their plans. They are quick implementors and strike when others are yet to think about it.

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