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How to Have Daily Scrum Stand-ups Productively: 7 Tips

Does your team think the daily Scrum stand-ups in the morning a waste of their productive hours? Would they rather finish some backlogs? Try these 7 tips to have daily Scrum stand-ups productively shared by Dwight Kingdon in this DZone article.

7 Energy Points for Daily Scrum Stand-ups

Though there is no time limit for these daily Scrum stand-ups, they usually are limited to 15 minutes per day. The team gets to know what each member is working on. All can discuss and organize work to reach the sprint goals. The Scrum Master usually reminds about the tasks so that everyone has a clear picture of the team’s holistic progress. Following are the ways you can have daily Scrum stand-ups productively:

  1. Share Task Progress with Team: Though the Scrum Master is an important part of the daily Scrum stand-ups, direct your speech towards the team. Tell them what you have done to help the team get closer to its goals.
  2. Attend and Participate in the Meetings: If you are not present in the daily Scrum stand-ups, your team might be missing out on your contribution. Ensure that you are not working on your laptop or checking WhatsApp messages during the meeting. Be involved and participate when required. You can prevent working on a canceled task and improve task handover from your remote teammate.
  3. Be Prepared: It is a mini presentation of your tasks, so come prepared for daily Scrum stand-ups. Since everyone took their time out from their busy schedule, all would appreciate your precise yet informative contribution.
  4. Say It from the Team’s Perspective: You are a part of the team. The teammates must know how your task completion is benefitting them. Though individual contribution matters, the teammates would prefer knowing what is in it for them.
  5. Honesty Is the Best Policy: If you have something in your mind, just say it in the daily Scrum stand-ups. It is better to settle down an issue amicably before it affects team productivity.
  6. Alert When It Is Still Avoidable: If you are rushing against a deadline, inform ahead instead of waiting till it looms large on your head. The Scrum Master might be upset but letting the team down in front of the customers is even more painful.
  7. Use the Leftover Time: If the meeting is done before the stipulated time, use the leftover minutes to discuss new ideas. You can also ask a senior member to help you with a skill you are interested in.

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