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How to Mix Agile and the V&V Methodology Well

While Agile is a great software development framework, it should sustain performance with a hybrid approach. Not everyone likes to go all Agile and very few are confident about applying traditional approaches to Agile. In his blog, John Goodpasture describes how to mix Agile and the V&V methodology well.

Combining Agile and V&V Methodology

The V&V methodology is a part of the project practice that you think is important to be integrated with Agile. Validation helps to find out if the requirements are in line with the project objectives. In fact, you can also extend it to the requirements gathering stage. You can continue validating before you arrive at the last stage of the project. Verification assists in understanding that the finished product meets and integrates all the requirements. It is where you test if you have created the promised delivery that sponsors, clients, and stakeholders envisioned.

The basic concern in the Agile domain is how to verify something incomplete and validate efficiency without the actual product.

Solution to the Problems:

  • Apply the validation process to product and iteration backlogs. A typical process would involve ensuring that the stakeholders are in agreement with the proposed features. You can consider the overall applicable rules and regulations, in-house ethics, and validate as per the business case.
  • You can perform the verification process at the iteration level. Find out if the iteration backlog is in sync with the iteration results. You can check for discrepancies between the two to successfully incorporate the verification process for an agile team.

Integration tests and customer acceptance tests are good testing grounds to check if the V&V methodology works for Agile. Use it to check if you are following the industry benchmarks and standards to be relevant in the market.  

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