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Value Stream Management: Definition and Relevance to Business

A popular research firm described value stream management as ‘emerging tool designed to capture, visualize, and analyze critical indicators of the speed and quality of software product creation.’ In this article at Targetprocess, Laura discusses the definition and its relevance to business.

The Effect of Value Stream Management

Agile usually works well for applications as well as application development and delivery teams. With the value stream management, agile can work for all types of stakeholders across the organization. This will add value to the end users and the business as a whole. The insights gathered during the Agile maturity period is present in VSM.

What Makes Value Stream Management Relevant?

The approach allows software development with the Agile methodology easier. Anyone can use value stream management once it is centralized. When you have a stable methodology in place, you can utilize the free time to recognize and improve process faults. You can also analyze alignment with business objectives and values accurately.

With digital transformation becoming more of a norm, value stream management is likely to gain momentum. KPMG reports that “’Customer centric’ organizations are 38 percent more likely to report greater profitability than those that are not.” Believing is not the same as implementing as companies are struggling to balance application development and business valuation. OutSystems’ 2018 State of Application Development report states the following:

  • 42% of IT professionals plan to deliver over 10 apps, 21% more than 25, and 10% more than 100.
  • 65% of respondents reported app development backlogs.
  • 28% of them informed that their organizations are upset about lack of expected app delivery speed.
  • ROI for Agile and DevOps investments are slower despite an increase in tool investments and focus on application delivery.

Irrespective of what organizations concentrate on, business value or app development, value stream management will work fine for both scenarios.

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