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5 Important Agile Best Practices Product Teams Forget to Follow

Product teams define agile best practices as per the leaders and the organizations. Some essential practices can get left out in the process. Which are those? In this ProductPlan article, Maddy Kirsch discusses 5 important agile best practices that product teams forget to follow.

Incorporating the Essential Agile Best Practices

Agile is flexible, yes, but you cannot forget the essentials. Following are the agile best practices the majority of your product teams tend to forget:

  1. Importance of a Product Owner: The job of a product owner is real. It is one of the most important agile best practices that you should follow. Product owners should decide resources and influencers of the team. They should set the goals and mentor and help the product teams to stay focused in their sprints.
  2. Team Formation: Managers should be mindful of the people they include in their product teams. Wrong people or lack of experienced individuals could lead to project failure. Product managers should at least include a product owner, a Scrum Master, and QA resources.
  3. Breaking Down Strategies: You should disclose strategies so that the product teams know how they fit in the big picture. However, strategies should only serve as a motivator. Your sprint objectives should be majorly based on product or project goals.
  4. Ward Off Interferences: The development team must focus on what the Scrum Master tells them and follow that in their two-week sprints. Meanwhile, you can ward off other interferences like doubts about a product feature or vague client requests.
  5. Mandatory Sprint Retrospectives: One of the most ignored agile best practices is a retrospective meeting after each sprint. You need that end-of-sprint meeting with the product teams to address challenges and recover from deviated goal settings. They should learn from past mistakes so that they do not repeat the same in the next sprint.

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