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Attend This 2019 Agile Conference for Trending Practices and Technologies

An Agile conference is for those companies and professionals that want to update themselves with trending best practices and technologies. However, some of you also want to hang out with like-minded people. In this article at Agile Alliance, Richard Seroter suggests attending 5 sessions in this 2019 Agile conference.

5 Enlightening Agile Conference

The Agile conference, deliver:Agile 2019, is occurring at Nashville, TN, from April 29 to May 1, 2019. If you need to receive, add, or deliver value from your existing software, this is the place to get actionable advice. Not only will you learn about new things but also be involved in deeply probing conversations. Attend these 5 sessions in the Agile conference, if you want to quench your curiosity regarding trending practices and technologies,:

  • Introduction to Kafka Streams, by Pooja Rallabhandi: The popularity of Apache Kafka is is increasing at the time when people are realizing the importance of event-focused architecture. Kafka would be in your to-do list, if you want to process events better.
  • The Extreme Agility of Serverless Architectures, by Joe Emison: A propagator of serverless computing, Emison is focused on deriving value from the model. He would talk about four application architectures and serverless computing benefits related to Agile.
  • Dev and Test Agility for Your Database with Docker, by Julie Lerman: Lerman will provide solutions to improve data workload agility by talking about development or test use cases for Docker databases.
  • Achieving Agility w/ APIs at Chick-fil-A, by Brian Chambers: Chambers’ team is working diligently on Kubernetes, edge computing, and mobile-friendly APIs. He would talk about a strategy that comes in handy during real challenges in this Agile conference.
  • Agile Machine Learning, In Production, by Kishau Rogers: During this Agile conference, Rogers would prioritize talking about the effects of intelligent machines in the existing processes.

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