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Select & Develop ‘The Best’ Agile Team in 4 Tips

Agile transformation has been considered as one of the most sought-after strategies to deliver products and services quickly while facilitating business changes.

In this article at CIO, Sharon Florentine explains that swift agile transformation is uptight with challenges and many misconceptions abound the practice.

Pithy Advice

Channelizing agile transformation is way more different from agile in theory, but collaboration remains clear throughout the process that begins with a well-accumulated team. Thereby, follow these primary factors while selecting and developing agile team members:

  1. Motivation: The organization aiming to turn agile, must align its process with the customers or to a set of values. A clear need for well-defined outcomes is the intimacy around the customer vision and desire, that is required to deliver valuable outcomes. These outcomes often motivate the staff beyond expectation.
  2. Trust & Expectations: Agility is the byproduct of teamwork which is possible only when the people work together and deliver the desired outcomes. Often, the peers, customers, and stakeholders have fluid and dynamic expectations. Hence, a new balance between expectations and trust needs to be established.
  3. A Customer-Centric Outlook: To become agile, organizations need to understand that the customers and agile teams learn together to chase a common goal while finding the most economic solutions. When a team is focused on customers and uses an agile approach, it tends to deliver value.
  4. Care for the Craft: The agile teams take ownership of their deliverables. Pride in the product and outcome is more essential to them than the pride in the process. Understanding the complexities and ambiguities of this kind of knowledge works in favor of the organizations.

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