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3 Tips to Address Infamous DevOps Security Issues

DevOps security is the biggest challenge for companies that are utilizing the method for its short turnaround capabilities. The traditional security protocols and systems cannot keep up with the unknown threats the new tools and techniques are causing. In this article at WhiteSource, Ayala Goldstein discusses 3 tips to address infamous DevOps security issues.

Ramping Up DevOps Security

With the introduction of DevOps, an organization undergoes numerous changes. New organizational infrastructure, policies, skills, tools, etc. need integration. A DigiCert report says that 49 percent of organizations are integrating DevOps with security. Meanwhile, the rest 49 percent have already completed the integration process. Following are the ways to address the infamous DevOps security issues:

Interdepartmental Collaboration: To realize benefits from DevOps projects faster and without any security issues, all concerned teams need to collaborate. Be it the development team, operations support, or security, all must come together to solve the DevOps security issues. All must understand that each contribution is for the betterment of the product lifecycle and are not mutually exclusive.

Knowledge of Security: Apart from upgrading and tightening security networks and protocols, stakeholders must have cybersecurity training. The industry will experience a shortage of 2 million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. IBM Security General Manager Marc van Zadelhoff suggests prioritizing skills over degrees in the hiring process. So, to address DevOps security issues, hire people that are ready to think outside the box whenever needed.

Automation of Security: Traditional security processes cannot match up to the required agility that DevOps security issues require. Automate processes and functions to increase security, value, and regulation. As codes are mostly open source and accessible to third parties, maintain efficient code hygiene throughout the product lifecycle. Investing in application security and software composition tools can sterilize the product delivery process from unwanted risks.

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