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Adopt These 3 Actionable Agile Tips to Shake Things Up

Relying on the right tools and processes may not be the ideal way to succeed with an agile approach. To attain desired results, shift your focus towards the people who will be following the methodology.

In this article at IT World Canada, Brian Jackson explains that employee engagement is the key to actionable agile transformation in an organization.

The Action Plan

An agile approach that contains enough details to achieve an objective or goal is the right way to achieve desired outcomes. Here are three actionable plans that can help you achieve the desired results for which you have turned to agile transformation:

  1. Bring in an Outsider: The power of bringing in someone from outside the organization can help in taking an objective look at the people involved, instead of conceding in areas needing help to change conventional habits.
  • Train Teams with a Consistent Approach: To get started, prepare a consistent approach to let each team member go through the same steps of transformation while executing a common goal of creating an ideal culture of seamless communication. By using a consistent approach with all team members and tracking their progress, you will be able to identify the common blockers that were encountered at each step of the way and begin accounting for them.
  • Do the Toughest Task First: Taking a bold move proves to be a good start. Pivot your way to transform the team that you doubt may go agile and train the other teams with the same approach. To do so, coordination is vital as it takes uncertainty away.

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