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Agile Transformation: Tips to Save Teams from Burnout

Government organizations are gradually appreciating the value and benefits of agile methodology. They are capitalizing on it at an optimized speed.

In this article at GCN, Todd Hager & Eric Protzman explain that agile methodology brings quality and stakeholder satisfaction to the table while fine-tuning the teams to refine projects or products. But this speed can have some unwanted side effects too.

Counter Side Effect

The increase in pressure on teams to perform at a fast pace leads to major burnout way sooner than the conventional practices. When symptoms of burnout begin to manifest, transparency in feedback disappear, deadlines are missed, and teams’ productivity diminishes. To save the team from major burnout, follow these tips:

  1. Set Reasonable Goals: In the agile transition, it would be difficult and equally exhausting for the teams to get used to a new methodology, leaving the long practiced conventional ones. Thereby, set reasonable goals for the teams initially and gradually increase the workload.
  2. Lookout for Role-Based Fatigue: Since the team members, scrum masters, and product owners are all susceptible to burnout, it is essential to take their roles into account by empowering each team member to give suggestions and feedback to improve work. Also, it is essential to clear technical debt as it alleviates the angst and becomes a genuine reason for perfection.
  3. Support Scrum Masters: To effectively lead agile teams, the scrum masters must be given enough authority by product owners and team members to take essential decisions.
  4. Purposeful Agile Meetings: Daily standup meetings are one of the rituals that are considered as the backbone of agile transformation. Once this ritual takes place on a regular basis, the team members, scrum masters, and product owners are bound to respect the cadence.

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