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How Is Agile Application Possible in Non-IT Sectors?

While the agile application is more prevalent in software development projects, it also works for non-IT sectors. It is highly effective for enterprises as their projects are complicated and run for years. With this methodology, you can transform culture and adapt to new environments faster. In this article at Project Times, Jim Conroy insists how agile application is possible in non-IT sectors.

Agile Application: Breaking the Non-IT Stigma

You do not have to get rid of older methods like a waterfall. Hybrid approaches work well too and take the best of both the approaches. Misconceptions regarding agile application stop non-IT sectors from receiving benefits and optimizing operations and processes. Following are the ways an agile application can benefit non-IT sectors:

Iterations: One of the primary features of the agile application is iterations. Though you have a vision in the beginning, it becomes obscure and sometimes obsolete for long-term projects. High-performing organizations are syncing traditional project management with agile. You can control the project speed with a hybrid approach and stakeholders feel more engaged.

Sprints: For waterfall projects, people slow down thinking they have time. If your product has 6 features, the team works on a single feature per sprint following agile methodology. The timeline and milestones are divided accordingly. Dealing with a single feature per sprint increases delivery speed and you identify errors faster. The users are more empowered, and stakeholders feel involved also.

The Time Box: When you time-box a feature delivery, you can deliver within budget and time. With a hybrid approach, it becomes easier to keep track while complying with standard practices and processes.

Cross-Functional Activities: When teams and departments work in isolation, they create their own set of rules and regulations. Agile application increases the frequency of cross-functional activities. Improved collaboration between business units, functional experts, etc. bring about productivity and motivation.

SAFe, the Agile Framework: There is a common misunderstanding that agile application works best for SMBs and short projects. SAFe enterprise PPM can handle long-term projects as well as deal with standardizing organizational processes.

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