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Situations When Scrum Will Not Work for You

Yes, you read it right, Scrum may not work for you. It is quite unthinkable in an era where companies are increasingly adopting the agile methodology for their projects. In this article at DZone, John Vester discusses situations when Scrum will not work for you.

When Scrum Is Ineffective

Implementing Scrum without understanding the framework can affect your project. Vester talked about a corporation that wanted to establish a new technology using Scrum. A deadline was set. Training sessions to identify ticket importance and select stories for product backlogs were done. People would attend daily stand-up meetings and regular retrospectives. In the end, team members made little progress with the actual project. How did it happen when they did everything by the book? Following are the situations when Scrum will not work for you:

Wrong Notion About Deadline: When the deadline was decided, everyone thought there should not be any other releases prior to that date. Also, the budget should remain the same throughout the lifecycle. Though iterations were still possible, all the completed features were waiting for the entire project to complete.

Wrong Agile Adoption: The corporation implemented Agile because they wanted faster results. Though people discussed team velocity in meetings, upper management did not set up measuring metrics. Teammates noticed and registered improvement areas but never really worked on them. So, the importance of those sessions mellowed down. Also, attendance was irregular in meetings.

Recovery Steps: With time and budget being the main reasons for a Scrum project failure, the author recommends doing the following steps:

  • The developer must upgrade the next ticket in the work pipeline to the top.
  • Once done, the ticket solution should go for peer reviews and merge with the main product.
  • The QA team should validate the ticket resolution.
  • If the team detects issues, push back the ticket to the to-do list, otherwise mark the ticket as complete.

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