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4 Types of Dependencies Your Scrum Team Will Come Across in a Project

After determining the user stories you would work on in a sprint, a scrum team must look out for dependencies. This helps in task prioritization and improve risk management. In this article at SCRUMstudy, know the 4 types of dependencies your scrum team will come across in a project.

Dependencies and Scrum Team Progress

Identifying dependencies before the sprint allows the scrum team to understand their relationship with other teams. This important lesson makes them realize the importance of building good rapport outside the team. Following are the 4 types of dependencies your scrum team will come across in a project:

Mandatory: These dependencies erupt from the tasks in hand. It can be due to restrictions imposed by contractual or legal policies. These are something that thesScrum team must endure. For example, to create a building, you first need to build the foundation.

Flexible: These are optional dependencies that the scrum team has the flexibility to work on. Lessons learned from previous projects or best practices can compel teammates to work on them by default. For example, they want to work on one task at a time as per the best practices they followed till date. It is optional and depends completely on the team’s comfort level. They can also want to complete the doors and windows before putting up the wall.

External: These dependencies occur when the scrum team must depend on external team members to finish a task. For example, the other team will give them the raw materials to build a wall. So, your team should wait until it gets the required materials.

Internal: The scrum team can control this kind of dependencies. They are related to the tasks, products, and activities the team members perform. For example, you need to whitewash the wall before applying paint on it. This also is mandatory without which your team cannot progress.

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