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HRs’ Role in Agile Organization: 4 Key Areas to Consider

With organizations striving to turn agile, many have realized that introducing agility alone may not be enough. The successful adoption of agility depends on a shift in culture and change in mindset.

In this article at PA Consulting, Amy Finn explains the role of HR in an agile organization. She feels that the HR will continue playing a crucial role, even in those organizations that embrace agility.

HR’s Role: Re-Align Objectives

Failure to focus on people and culture may lead to major reputation damage, thereby the HRs need to continue adding value to the agile organizations. They need to radically re-align their objectives, processes, and structure towards a much agile mindset. Here are four key areas to focus on:

  1. Performance Relationships: Agile organizations promote constant feedback as learning equates to improvement. Hence, the multiple layers of administration and process in performance management are stripped away. However, the existence of a core framework remains critical and HRs can take the lead here. Separate dialogs with HRs over performance should be taken as a long-term objective.
  2. Talent Facilitation: To nurture talent, let the employees make decisions and give them the authority to move towards new areas of business. Recruitment professionals may use artificial intelligence to down-select individuals with the required skills and expertise. This will help in bringing flexible, adaptive, open mind, and collaborative individuals onboard.
  3. Team-Based Reward: The rewards in agile organizations need to be less economic and more team-centric. HRs must provide a simple framework in which salary and bonus are competitive and equitable along with the authority to the team to take recognition decisions.

The author believes that HR professionals need to gear up and work harder to understand what will motivate and inspire each individual in the organization to become agile. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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