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Leadership Mistakes Impeding Agile & Scrum Adoptions

Often, the leaders promoting the adoption of agile methodology, unknowingly end up creating roadblocks and obstacles to its success.

In this article at Innolution, Ken Rubin points out the three major mistakes made by agile leaders while adopting Scrum or agile frameworks, and what they must do instead.

Bypass Agile Roadblocks

Switching to agile or Scrum methodology is not as simple as it may seem. It requires a radical rethink of how you do business. However, if the leaders avoid these three mistakes, the implementation will become flawless and smooth:

  1. Scrum is About Them, Not Us: One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is to consider embracing agility as someone else’s responsibility. For the successful adoption of either of the methodologies, the involvement of the leaders is vital. If only the individuals concerned of turning agile are from the development team, the adoption will fail eventually.
  • No Training for Managers & Executives: If the leaders do not involve themselves in agile and Scrum training, it may cause major issues at a later stage. Many leaders skip the training sessions due to lack of interest as mostly Scrum sessions are designed from a development perspective. However, if the training sessions are framed around agile principles in economic terms, not just technical developers, then senior managers can equally relate with it.
  • Teams Are Doing Scrum, Automatically Turns us Agile: To become agile, teams and managers need to understand scrum practices together. Working in sprints, having daily stand-ups, reviews, and retrospectives are as vital as making a move towards future consequences. Leaders need to cultivate the culture of adopting agile mindset by understanding the overarching reason why other businesses are using scrum and agile.

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