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Practice Scrum to Lure Top Performers On-Board

With the economic rebound, luring and retaining the best industry talents or cream resources is tough. The most suitable candidates demand way more than a good package. They want a fun work environment where they feel empowered enough to work as per their terms.

In this article at Scrum Alliance, the author suggests that implementation of scrum will help you offer desired work environment to the talented candidates. However, you do not have to be in software development to make it work.

How Does it Work?

Scrum has been adopted by many industries and departments with no affiliation with IT. So, it can be an essential tool to attract and retain the talented lot. Here are three ways to make good use of scrum in attracting best industry talent:

  1. Extend Ownership: With Scrum, the employees have ownership in the work that drives fewer sick leaves and high productivity. Scrum is also inherently collaborative. It lets your teams manage their own performance, make their mistakes, and track their outcomes, within a safe environment.
  2. Instant Rewards: Scrum promotes employee’s achievements in every 2-3 weeks when a product deliverable is released. It constantly brings client feedback that also gives work satisfaction and encourages teamwork. Constructive feedback is rewarding since the team members have the knowledge and authority to make fast adjustments to the product. As the scrum teams work in a controlled environment, they strategize their work plan and feel empowered of taking their own decisions.
  3. Springboard for Growth: Scrum imparts improvement in the conventional methods of working for an organization. It helps you attract and keep the best employees, even in a competitive market. It can also create an environment of meaningful, constant growth that if combined with the best talent delivers an extraordinary product. This may leave a positive impact on the employees and the overall organization.

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