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3 Execution Tips to Lead With Agile Mindset, not Methodology

In the past couple of years, enough has been said and done for agile methodologies. As a result, many organizations are adopting this methodology to achieve fast growth and progress. However, the methodology is not the best way to gain the desired outcome.

In this article at Forbes, Alex Adamopoulos explains that there is ‘no one size fits all’ agile methodology. In fact, there is no specific methodology that guarantees delivery of certain results.

No Quick Trick for Agile

The author suggests that Agile cannot be neatly boxed or applied across the board. It is a practical approach of driving change in the ongoing or conventional practices used by an organization. It is no more about software delivery but bringing innovative ideas to life.

It is a mindset that people working in an organization need to adopt, from top to bottom. Apart from the principles outlined in the Agile manifesto, here are three essential principles that need to be adopted by an organization to execute Agile at scale:

  1. Experimental Muscle: The organizations need to continuously experiment in a bid to fulfill customer needs and expectations. Agile promotes constant learning and venturing into the unknown spheres.
  2. Value Proposition: Mostly organizations miss value propositions. Facilitating it across different departments within the organization will help in bringing innovation and discovering true value for the customers.
  3. Visualization: Not everyone is blessed with an insight to bring unique ideas, plans, or proposals to bring change in product or software development. Therefore, visualization goes a long way in fostering strong collaboration among teams.

The author believes that instead of focusing on agile methodology, the organizations must focus onbringing desired outcomes through easy-to-follow agile principles. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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