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A Walk Through Agile Definition of Done (DoD)

‘Definition of Done’is not about taking approval from the stakeholders, clients or customers, but it is about adding actions that will add a list of activities ensuring high quality outcome. DoD is used by the development teams to successfully manage and extend quality outcomes.

In this article at Test Lodge, Jake Bartlett explains the importance of changing ‘Definition of Done’ with an instance. This describes why it is essential for agile transformation.

The Importance

By signifying the meaning of ‘done’, you and your team may begin measuring progress in a reliable manner. A good definition of ‘done’ promotes transparency and brings each team member in the same line. DoD varies from team-to-team, but everyone must understand it well.

No matter how big the size or type of the team is, DoD should be used to assess the work completed or ‘done’ by the teams.

Instance of DoD

The DoD is a simple checklist that continues to evolve and transform as the team does. Here is an instance of DoD:

  • The code has been deployed
  • Unit tests have 80 percent code coverage
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Tested by a non-developer

Changing Definition

As the teams grow, the DoD improves too. The best time to address DoD transformation is during the sprint retrospective. Here is a list of things to consider while changing the DoD:

  • Donot weaken the DoD to overcome obstacles.
  • DoD is good if the change improves the product or process.

DoD Enforcement

To enforce it well, people need to know everything about the DoD. The project managers need to embed it into their task management tool and revisit the DoD during sprint retrospectives to make sure it is always at the top of the mind of the staff and it keeps on evolving.

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