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Is Your Business Ready for Agile Transformation?

With a lot of businesses already reaping benefits by turning agile, you also feel like following their footsteps. Moreover, large companies take time to move things forward and this approach seems to be the solution for it. In this article at CA Technologies, James Ifill helps to find out if your business is ready for agile transformation.

Business Criticality and Agile Transformation

The new project management methodology can get rid of isolated knowledge pool, derailed business goals, and overshooting project timelines. Nevetheless, before you think about the transformation, find out if your business is ready for agile:

Make an Enabling Work Culture: Teams will not grow if they internally practice agile as well as abide by the traditional organizational rules. So, align the work culture with agility by way of hikes, promotions, and cross-functional collaboration ventures. Teams have their own set of goals to achieve. So, measure their achievement efforts rather than their deadlines to help them see the bigger picture. Mentor, train, and create new standards across the organization to bring about the desired transformation gradually.

Importance of Technology: When teams use different technologies, it is hard to maintain uniformity and transparency at work. Provide storage access to all tools so that teams can plan, test, release, report, and work as one unit. Majority of the companies work on SAFe, i.e., Scaled Agile Framework. It combines Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming with Lean methodologies. This allows small systems to turn agile faster.

Senior Management Participation: Proactive participation of senior management is important for enterprisewide implementation. These partners then become ambassadors of the transformation process. They would check if the rules and regulations are uniform across all business units. Reporting structures and visible progress status on boards provide better clarity. All activities should be documented and that would become a roadmap for further developments.

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