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Three ITIL 4 Reality Checks to Become a Market Leader

Recently released ITIL 4 has moved to a more flexible framework to be compatible with current project development endeavors. These best practices are realistic and integrate Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies. In this article at Atlassian, Teresa Fok gives three ITIL 4 reality checks to become an agile market leader.

Understanding ITIL 4 Best Practices

IT teams are adopting Agile to cope up with the current business pace. ITSM also modified its ITIL framework to guide organizations in this digital age. Following are the three ITIL 4 reality checks you should remember to become an agile market leader:

Work on Results and Not Outputs: Instead of ticking off checklists, prioritize tasks that align with your long-term corporate goals. Choose the right task and action to gain maximum value instead of completing tasks as prescribed. Lean methodology uses a value-stream mapping to let all team members gain better visibility in the project status. Automate repetitive tasks like low-end change requests and get things approved through peer reviews.

Consider Culture Over Tools: A high-end tool will not be productive if it is not compatible with your work culture. When teams share common values and best practices, it is easier to implement changes. ITIL 4 has “Guiding Principles” for teams that are still struggling to minimize internal conflicts. Create an open culture where people can adapt to new practices and processes. Improve your plans continuously so that those do not resist team growth.

Adapting to New PM Methodologies: It is possible to apply ITIL 4 best practices to Agile, DevOps, and Lean project management methodologies. The guidelines are simple and flexible based on situations. You can work on iterations with sprints not longer than four weeks. Meanwhile, acquire, fine-tune, and shape up capabilities for next stages by conducting regular retrospectives.

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