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5 Factors That Will Make Agile Bring Success to Large Firms

Though Agile has become popular across industries, large firms are yet to adopt the methodology. While the approach allows faster changes, big firms do not. So, how can large organizations leverage the popular project management framework? In this article, get to know the 5 factors that will make Agile bring success to big firms.

Being Large, Being Agile

The problem with large organizations not being able to adopt the framework is because of their long-winding policies to approve changes. Also, Agile is quite different from Waterfall. When it comes to organizational structure and management, big firms still maintain the traditional format. To ensure employees can experience success through Agile, there needs to be room for faster developments. Software giants like Microsoft, IBM, and SAP have successfully implemented the methodology and are reaping benefits from it. So, there are factors that ensure Agile success for large organizations. Find out below:

One team, One Location: The team must be in one location and should have the exact number of people that are experts in their domain. A large team dispersed in several locations will not work for this methodology.

Short and Regular Iterations: When there are shorter iterations, team members get to know the mistakes done in the previous sprint. They will rectify that faster. This is unlike the traditional methodology where the issues come out at the tail end of the project lifecycle.

Customer Involvement: Agile requires customers to be involved in every stage of development. If the team needs to get approvals for customer involvement, the methodology will not work.

Empowering Team Decision-making: The team members must be empowered to make decisions of their own. This is one of the prime reasons for Agile’s success. May not be for the bigger decisions but the ones that do not require major supervision.

Working Model Rather Than Code Documentation: The method prefers a working model of the product to detailed documentation of the codes used. The comprehensive writing process can be performed later, if audits require proofs.

Large organizations need not adhere strictly to all the factors. Agile is mostly to empower the team and boost productivity and not to become a hindrance. Companies need to understand what they exactly want to achieve from the projects and the required resources and infrastructure. The senior management can then decide if they would like to adopt the methodology on its entirety or take a hybrid approach.

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