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Avoid the Temptation to Backtrack Agile in 4 Ways

Getting back to your comfort zone by giving up all the efforts you made earlier seems an easy task. But is it justifying your past efforts? No, but it is definitely a sheer waste of time and effort. Still, many organizations and individuals prefer to get back to the old practices, leaving all improvements and efforts midway.

In this article at DZone, Anna Majowska explains that it is easy to drop agility after a while considering the amount of constant effort it demands. But if you continue making that extra bit of required effort, its result will be unexpected.

Build Mechanism

By evaluating your organization’s values from a planning perspective, balance the need for ‘predictability’ with the need for ‘rapid response to change’. If you value change and make your organization flexible, it will be easier to maintain future consistency. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Culture Check: It is a cliché that any organizational change needs to match the existing work culture. Start with checking your organization’s agile implementation. It should be more about achieving productivity and results than a certain set of goals. Therefore, it is critical to mind that even the best applied and executed Agile practice will never work if it does not suffice the company needs.
  2. Infuse Interest: If the standard practices fail, consider infusing a general interest in Agile. Try to set an agile mindset in an influential employee, to generate interest within the team. This will encourage other teams to adopt an Agile mindset.
  3. Leadership Approach: Most of the teams blindly follow their leaders. Make an attempt to turn team leads as Agile ambassadors. Bringing enthusiasm and setting examples to the team is not only a leader’s responsibility. Anyone who is motivated enough to bring a change can do it.
  4. Follow Through: Be it Kanban or Agile, ensure that there is a schedule indicating when the current process will be reviewed for faults and improvements. Performing regular process reviews will help in evolving the process.

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