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Clearing the Myths About Agile & DevOps

If applied correctly, DevOps and Agile frameworks let organizations reach implausible results. However, the organizations need to be wary about the pre-conceived notions about DevOps and Agile. It may cost big to the businesses.

In this article at Computer World, Mirco Hering explains that successful adoption of either of the frameworks demands cultural transformation first. However, resistance to change is an equally big roadblock to transformation.

Ability to React Faster

Since DevOps has turned out to be the new fascination in the business world, the agile approach has lured enough misconceptions too. Many organizations are by default considering DevOps as the successor of Agile. They need to understand that DevOps is not a replacement for Agile.

In fact, there is no bespoke solution for DevOps and Agile adoption. Thus, to harness the real potential of both the frameworks, consider applying them in your organization first. Let’s just clear the air on major misconceptions surrounding DevOps and Agile:

  1. Frameworks are not Products: DevOps is not a product but a framework with principles and practices that could be rolled out into a venture. There is no one specific solution or formula that will work for all firms. Definitely, the application of this framework may work wonders, if used correctly.
  2. DevOps is not Better Than Agile: Since both the frameworks are designed to boost organizations to optimize value, neither is superior to the other. Agile and DevOps are completely different from each other but aim similar goals of achieving success.
  3. Not all Coaches are Equally Created: To implement Agile or DevOps, organizations need to invest an equal amount of effort. Thereby, it is a wise approach to choose a qualified coach to make or break a transformation. Organizations need to know the difference between transformation consultants, enterprise and personal coaches to pick the apt one. Form your own coaching strategy to pick the right coach.

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