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It Just Takes Two to Turn Your Team Agile

It’s a myth that to turn into agile leaders, managers needs a substantial change. However, in reality, agile transformation facilitates an organization’s ability to keep up with changing business needs in just two key areas.

In this article at Gallup, the author explains that many organizations, leaders, and managers promote sustainable success with a philosophical and functional shift in performance management to development. This may require a cultural change in the leader’s orientation to become coaches to the team from being bosses.

Be Ready to Pivot

The disruptor organizations are changing every industry and to remain part of it, your organization also needs to pivot its way. For transformation, it takes two key strategies to turn the teams Agile. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Team Coordination: As many organizations are shifting focus from stubborn hierarchical structure to dynamic network, the team leaders need to play the crucial role of maintaining coordination. Project managers are the main source of information available to the teams. They can bring real opportunities from within the organization to the team.
  • Constant Learning: An organization may become as adaptable to Agility as its members. To ensure the workforces are versatile and innovative to combat unpredictable challenges, the project managers need to encourage their team members for constant learning and development activities. This will promote organizational agility along with employee engagement.

The author believes that if an organization lacks constant improvement and fails in giving adequate training to its employees, it may end up its investment massively in ‘reskilling’ them later to maintain its market position. However, this does not mean micromanaging the team, but to empower them to challenge their ways to address the organizational needs. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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