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Marketing Tips: Apply Higher-Order Agile Principles

Agile methodology gained momentum due to its lean, fast, and more flexible mode of building software in a short span. It became the alternative to conventional waterfall methodology due to its flexible nature.

In this article at Gartner, Christopher Ross explains that the agile work culture supports and promotes division of work in small sprints. In each sprint, the flow of work is shaped by the rigid agile process.

Model Transformation

Even though Agile marketing is the new fad among marketers, focusing on the rigid agile process may become tough and confusing for the marketers. Instead, they must try the higher-order transformations that play a major role in several model-driven software engineering activities. The higher-order transformation has a wide spectrum of applications. These four Agile elements for marketers can help in building and improving marketing standards:

  1. Discrete Work Cycles: The marketing work is divided into a series of small sprints connected with each other and have a specific duration.
  2. Well-Defined Deliverables: Each sprint is designed to deliver evidently distinct deliverables.
  3. Frequent Adjustments: The daily stand-ups are an crucial part of the Agile transformation. These short status update meetings are helpful in bringing each individual of the team on the same page for the work that needs to be finished in a day.
  4. Capability Contribution: Agile teams are formed with skilled individuals preferred as per the alignment of capabilities with the work to be done, not their seniority or designation.

Use these four principles as the anchor to analyze what works best for you and your team. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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