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Why Agile is Pivotal to Digital Transformation?

The conceptualization of software was done with the advent of agile development, way back in the 1990s. Moreover, agile also paved the way for digital transformation (DX).

In this article at CMS Wire, Charles Green shares the importance of agile in providing an exceptional framework for DX that enables swift reiterations while driving a cultural shift in organizations.

Best Agile Frameworks

Implementation of agile development is a challenging task as it completely transforms the way teams work and lead. Agile development could be implemented in diverse ways, but here are some of the best practices to consider:

  • Create the Right Working Environment: Physical presence of the team is not crucial anymore. Distributed agile teams are the new trend. Now, the right working environment for team plays a more crucial role.
  • Recognize & Celebrate Successes: To gain a competitive edge, it is essential for the managers to take out some time to acknowledge successes and celebrate with their teams.
  • Frameworks to Scale Agile Initiatives: Many organizations first try implementing agile in only one fragment rather than engaging entire enterprise in the transformation. A dry run is the best way to learn from the experience. However, certain frameworks like the SAFe Agile, Nexus, Large Scale Scrum, and LeSS are designed to make the agile scaling way easier.
  • Seek Help: Since the agile transformation is challenging, seeking guidance from an agile coach or an experienced Scrum master may prove highly beneficial.

The author believes that it is tough to revamp business process or entrench new technology into the business, products, and services. No wonder DX requires enough precision and definite approach like agile to make the whole transformation process easier. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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