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5 Agile Ways of Transforming IT Infrastructure

The conventional methods like ‘Waterfall’ to manage IT infrastructure may hinder the delivery speed of digital solutions. Whereas, agile methodology can boost speed, efficiency, and even quality of work.

In this article at McKinsey & Company, Santiago Comella-Dorda with his co-authors explains the need for modernizing IT infrastructure and some agile ways to do so.

Agile Transformation

To modernize IT infrastructure, agile approaches can boost the productivity of an organization by 25 to 30 percent in the span of 6 to 18 months. However, employing agile transformation is not as easy as it may seem, but it is definitely worthwhile. The challenges of using agile can be overcome with a structured approach to design, launch, monitor, and enable agile teams. Follow these key steps to structure the agile transformation of your organizations’ IT infrastructure function:

  • Create a Vision: Form a concept for the new IT infrastructure, specifically how the organization should operate and how quickly it should evolve. A list of key questions related to infrastructure service offerings, collaboration with app developers, and the need for automated solutions will help in clearly defining the vision.
  • Segment & Prioritize Prospects: Assess demand for IT infrastructure by developing a data-driven insight into past consumption patterns and future needs. Knowing the capability to deliver specific infrastructure offerings may help to prioritize scope appropriate for an agile team. Analyzing demand may equally help in improving efficiency while prioritizing the rollout of teams.
  • Design Agile Team: Teams focused on developing automated infrastructure tend to use the scrum methodology, thereby, developing solutions in a couple of weeks’ sprint. Often these teams use the KANBAN methodology too that is more appropriate for managing a constant flow of unplanned work.
  • Create a Structured Process: A well-planned process may help all the teams involved in the infrastructure transformation to get enough time to prepare for the launch. It is crucial to keep time and guidance in hand to train team members, develop a strong team charter, align key stakeholders, and build out an initial backlog.
  • Focus on the Sustainability: After the launch of agile IT infrastructure, form a governance body composed of senior IT leaders to ensure teams are advancing toward goals. The senior IT leaders can handle the work using agile methodology. They can even organize the whole team by creating a backlog of opportunities, determining priorities, and carrying the work in sprints.

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