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5 Smart Ways to Turn Your Venture More Agile

Agility can make a major impact on business revenue, in improving the customer experience and getting ahead of the competition. But the road to agile scaling is bumpy and struggling enough.

In this article at Information Week, Kenan Rodrigues explains that scaling agile requires changes to processes, governance, workspace, culture, tools, and technology.

The Course of Agile Scaling

Scaling agile may benefit in employee engagement, collaborating teams and arriving productive and new products with greater responsiveness to the customer. Here are some tips for the organizations to become more agile:

  • Create Multidisciplinary Teams: To scale, make agile teams multidisciplinary and include talent across product, technology, customer service, operations and other relevant parts of the business.
  • Deliver Constant Value: The agile teams must focus on delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) rapidly to the customers and work to improve it as per customer feedback.
  • Take Risks & Fail Fast: Innovation is the byproduct of risk, failure, and learning. Instead of viewing risk-taking and failure as a ‘taboo’, encourage the teams to take risk of failure to learn and earn innovative ideas.
  • A Culture of Collaboration: Pivot your way from focusing on functional siloed to the customer needs. Make sure the agile teams are collocated in workspaces designed for seamless collaboration.
  • Lead by Example: The top level managers must clearly communicate a clear vision about embracing agile. Initially share the first few agile project successes within the organization and later scale the agile model overall. Senior leaders must adopt an agile mindset and provide thought leadership to the teams.

The author believes that organizations across every industry need to be nimble and responsive enough to maintain a competitive edge in the fast transforming marketplace. Scaling business agility is the key enabling mechanism to do so. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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