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Keep a Close Watch on These 5 Agile Trends of 2019

With digital initiatives becoming a norm for every company, all would want to know about agile trends. These trends help you to channelize your funds, stakeholders, resources, and company objectives in a profitable direction. In this article at Agile Velocity, David Hawks talks about 5 agile trends of 2019 that you must keep a close watch on.

Agile Trends to Keep Track of

Various organizations are adopting agile now because of its quick development cycle, better stakeholder management, and improved resource utilization tactics. Without any further delay, let us dive into the agile trends that are making the rounds in 2019:

The Struggle Continues: It has been 17 years since the Agile Manifesto was compiled. Unfortunately, people still struggle to understand the methodology’s key principles. 75 percent of companies are implementing ‘Superficial Agile’. They are copying Agile practices without proper understanding.

Importance of Leadership in Agile Success: Bad leadership too can lead to a failed agile project. One of the key agile trends is that companies must improve organizational structure, corporate mindset, and decision-making strategies.

The Popularization of SAFe: More companies are utilizing SAFe nowadays. While teams typically use Scrum, big firms use a Scaled Agile Framework. The problem is, SAFe works if you fully understand the purpose rather than blindly follow what others are doing. You should apply only those processes that allow you to achieve company objectives.

Rise of Ineffective Coaches: Since companies want to get the most out of the agile trends, they are seeking help from agile consultants. Several of these self-proclaimed coaches lack an in-depth understanding of the framework.

Not Limited to IT: One of the most interesting agile trends is that companies other than IT firms are embracing the methodology. HR, marketing, and operations departments can follow Agile principles without much changes to the core objectives.

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