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Steps to Make an Outstanding Product Management Team

Building a product management team has always been a task. You must think through several factors before you start considering resources. In his blog, Roman Pichler discusses steps to make an outstanding product management team.

Creating the Best

It takes time and effort when you want to build something from the ground up. As mentioned before, there are several factors that come into play. Following are the suggestions to make an outstanding product management team:

Identify Relevant Products: Products that can bring benefits to the organizations or involved stakeholders are the ones you must prioritize. Club similar items in a single portfolio. Figure out the skills you need to work on these products. Shortlist the resources that are most suitable to handle these products or portfolios.

Strength of the Team: Since you have selected the products you want to start working on immediately, analyze how many people should handle each. If a single product requires more than one team, assign a feature owner to make the job easier.

Encourage Shared Best Practices: Establish best practices that all teams must follow. Evaluate if the current roles, responsibilities, tools, processes, etc. need upgrades. Ensure all teams have shared product roadmap, goals, vision statement, and backlog methods. Set up performance standards.

Develop the Team One Step at a Time: Do not make the mistake of starting off with a large product management team. More people require more management and that can slow down the development process. Growing the product management team one step at a time lets you understand if your best practices and roadmap are working. You can rectify mistakes faster and establish new standards.

Enable Shared Ownership: When you select the right skills for the right job, empower them to speed up developmental decision-making. To prevent teams from going astray, set up some core rules and responsibilities that they must adhere to.

Decide Together: Instead of enforcing policies, encourage the product management team to take part in important decisions. Infrastructure, standards, upgrading, and new resources should be the topics for discussion in a product management team meeting.

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